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  1. October 26, 2016 2:50 PM

    “Gluay nam wa” and a few other interesting local bananas are also found here where I live in Southern China. The skin is thin and velvety soft and the fruit is very good eating.

    There is one I particularly like that is a large fruit that looks like dangling buffalo horns, the tree is bigger, sturdier than a Cavendish for example but not much taller. The fruit has good keeping quality unlike the delicious “Gluay nam wa” which ripens incredibly quickly once picked and then begins to go squishy and high in a day or so. It tastes sweet but with a pleasant citrus after taste almost like mandarines. Unfortunately someone bulldozed the stand down before I could save it and I never found it around here again.

    In Sri Lanka they have at least forty banana types and its great fun tasting them all, India they have many too. My least favourite is actualy the Cavendish sold in many places in the West. Cavendish has a very mild mouse like aroma, like when you come across a nest of mice in the shed and sometimes tastes like nothing at all. The least exciting banana thats for sure but quite good for cooking green.

    Here i have crossed a Thai banana I brought back with me, something like a lady finger but thinner with the local wild banana to see what it produces. Back home in Africa we have a banana plantation for export and its purely Cavendish. i would like to introduce better taste into our production but am terrified of introducing diseases. So far we are disease free as our plantations are isolated so i will just have to enjoy eating these other varieties on my travels.

    Thanks for your interesting site.


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