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The Chiang Mai province flower in blossom!

December 27, 2010

Yesterday morning we were visited by Khun Usa, a Thai psychologist with a serious interest in gardening. She brought a Thai friend, Khun Pai, both of them proud Dokmai Garden VIP card holders.

When Khun Usa saw the flowering ‘ton kwaw’ (Butea monosperma, Fabaceae) on top of our artificial hill, she remarked that when this tree is in blossom, the students at Chiang Mai University knows there will be no more exams. The tree is a symbol of Chiang Mai University, and also of the Chiang Mai province. I believe this is an excellent choice, since the tree is native, and its resistance to fire and drought and ability to still produce gorgeous blossom in spite of hard times, reflects the spirit of the hard-working Lanna people.

Eric Danell


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  1. tomo permalink
    December 28, 2010 4:30 AM

    lovely flowers. so useful in decorating tables.

    i love native bean flowers too. another species that i planted diligently in austin homes and park is:

    it makes bright red seeds that would contrast traveler’s tree’s strickingly.

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