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Successful collection of Thai dwarf date palm fruits

May 9, 2013

Yesterday we spent a lovely day in the hills near Dokmai Garden, enjoying the results of the latest rains. Geodorum attenuatum ground orchids were in bloom along with yellow Globba sp. (Zingiberaceae) and two fantastic Curcuma spp (Zingiberaceae) and Gagnepainia thoreliana.

We collected the mature and very well tasting Thai dwarf date fruits (Phoenix loureiroi, Arecaceae):

Phoenix loureiroi.mature fruits and seeds.May8.2013.72

The seeds look very much like ordinary date seeds but smaller. The flavour of the fruit pulp is identical to ordinary dates. Back home at Dokmai Garden we planted six seeds in situ in the garden, another 12 in pots and then we keep 12 for seed exchange.

Text & Photo: Eric Danell

(Precipitation report: on the 6th of May we received 13 mm of rain).

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