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Planting a mature tree – a case study

February 12, 2013

The Ton Kwain intersection a ten minutes drive north of Dokmai Garden is under development. A large rain tree (Samanea saman, Fabaceae) has been planted, so I took some pictures and intend to follow its establishment.

We have earlier discussed how to select a tree and the practice of moving large trees. In the cases of figs, bauhinia and coconuts large trees can be successfully moved. Other trees may be too vulnerable or too damaged and so an expensive tree may spend a few years slowly dying, and you lose time and money.

Samanea saman.ton kwainFeb2.2013.72 This picture was taken on February 2nd, 2013. According to locals it was moved here from a nearby site in December. A nearby source and a move from hole to hole without spending months or years at a nursery is a promising background. However, planting large trees in the early dry season is not promising. The many cut surfaces, the nails to fasten the supporting poles and the bark ripped during pruning may further increase the risk of fungal attacks and water losses.

Samanea saman.ton kwain2.72

A closer inspection reveals substantial damage to the bark during transportation. Time will prove how this individual recovers. Rain trees have a powerful growth speed. Bookmark this page to follow publications of subsequent photographs. If you live in Chiang Mai, then you have the opportunity of following this tree yourself. It is situated at the intersection ‘ton kwain’, between the canal road (121) and the road to Samoeng (1269).

Text & Photo: Eric Danell

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