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September 2012 statistics

October 3, 2012

Last weekend I picked up another orchid donation from Chiang Rai – we are most grateful for this and there are many new orchid species waiting to be added to the Dokmai Garden species lists. We also discussed orchid diseases and the lousy growing season of 2012 with so little rain in June-August. This applies to the lowlands of northern and northeastern Thailand and to the Indian subcontinent.

In September 2012 Dokmai Garden received 205 mm of precipitation which should be considered average (12 occasions of rain): September 2nd: 5 mm, September 4th: 7 mm, September 6th: 15 mm, September 7th: 32 mm, September 8th: 27 mm, September 9th: 15 mm, September 14th: 35 mm, September 15th: 29 mm, September 17th: 19 mm, September 25th: 8 mm, September 27th: 5 mm and 8 mm on September 29th.

The Climate Prediction Center keeps predicting an emerging El Niño which means October will probably be drier than normal and so will the early rainy season of 2013. Not good news for a gardener who wants to focus on new additions to his garden and who wants to establish many new orchids. Already established native plants will not have a problem but seedlings and anything recently planted will need help via irrigation. The quarries of northern Thailand will probably look like craters for at least another year. The electricity price has already increased as predicted. Due to droughts followed by local floodings Thai rice price is high which will be buffered from low quality Vietnamese import.

The blog Dokmai Dogma surpassed 9000 views/month for the first time ever in September. In addition to these drop in views we have over 300 subscribers a day who can read the blogs as e-mails and also our readers via Facebook. We have also surpassed 750 published blogs on monsoon gardening, farming and biodiversity.

The green season is a lovely season, although more rain had been appreciated.

Eric Danell

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  1. Sally permalink
    October 3, 2012 8:19 AM

    Just wanted to say thank you for the blogs Eric! I enjoy them very much, love the photos as well. I haven’t made it to personally visit yet but hope to soon. You are doing a fantastic job, Sally

  2. October 3, 2012 10:33 AM

    I always enjoy reading your blog – you always have some very interesting content on gardening in the tropics.

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