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Happy New Year 2555!

April 12, 2012

Today is the last day we are open before the celebration of the Thai new year (2555). We open again on Tuesday. Enjoy the water war downtown Chiang Mai or seek the peace in the national parks far from human activities.

This superb picture was taken by Lauren Nishihira. She works for the Toyota corporation in Los Angeles and she recently visited Dokmai Garden here in Chiang Mai. This picture from Dokmai Garden depicts a jungle vegetable of the Phlogacanthus genus (Acanthaceae). The insect is a blue-banded mining bee (Andrenidae) showing its typical pointed tongue (glossa). These solitary bees are commonly seen in Chiang Mai, being highly adapted to a dry climate. They make tunnels (mines) underground, preferring sandy soils. Ecologically they are important pollinators. ‘Anthrene’ is Greek meaning wasp or hornet, or often any buzzing insect.

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