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Would you like to become a neighbour of Dokmai Garden?

February 13, 2012

Yesterday we were asked to announce that our Thai neighbour wishes to sell her land across the road along Dokmai Garden in Chiang Mai Thailand. We do have Real Estate experience and we have helped other friends to buy, lease and sell land.

Her land is 4 rai and 41 square wa (6564 square meters or 1.6 acres). The title deed is the best one (chanote). Currently there is hardly anything on the land, so this is a golden opportunity for anyone interested in starting a tropical garden from scratch. Judging from the speed of growth at Dokmai Garden, you can do it cheaply with small seedlings and have healthy and decent sized trees in five years. If you wish to read more about plants and wildlife in the vicinity of us and the Opkhan National Park which is 12 km away, simply visit our home page or read more of our 600 blogs on monsoon gardening.

The owner is asking 4.4 million Baht, which is the current price for any undeveloped land around us. The prognosis is that when the new 4-lane road from the south connects with the expanded canal road 2 km away, land prices in our vicinity will increase much more. Although wet in the rainy season, we do not have flooding like in many rice field areas since this is a gentle slope.

If you are interested kindly phone me: +66-(0)8-13866244.

Ketsanee Seehamongkol

Would you like to become a neighbour of Dokmai Garden?

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