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A nice source of knowledge and seeds of tropical fruits

January 15, 2012

Daley’s Tropical Seed Nursery in Australia has lovely web pages and an interesting forum which should be useful to many Chiang Mai gardeners too. Their passion for what they are doing is clear and contagious. Phil@Tyalgum has contributed with a lot of interesting information, and at Dokmai Garden we are most grateful for kind help and support.

Seeds of Central American ‘black sapote’ or ‘chocolate pudding tree’ (Diospyros digyna, Ebenaceae).

Eric & Ketsanee (15°C at 08 this morning).

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  1. Jan Henriksson permalink
    January 18, 2012 4:22 PM

    Hej Erik
    Ær deet møjligt att køpa, importera plantor från Phil till Thailand??Har du planter av Diospyres Digynaa att sælja eller frø??

    Hælsningar från Jaan Henriksson

    • January 18, 2012 9:44 PM

      Dear Jan,

      The easiest way to import plants from the Philippines is to ask a professional dealer at the Khamtineg market to do it for you. It will cost money, but it will save you a lot of problems. As to Diospyros digyna I hope to have seedlings soon. Contact me again in a month. Cheers, Eric

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