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Mysteries of our time

January 4, 2012

This text is from Thai Visa Nation:

“Police have summoned a 73-year-old man to face charges of causing public harm by publishing a prophecy that one of the country’s largest dams would burst on New Year’s Eve, reports said yesterday.

Thongbai last month informed local media of a prophecy made by his late son, a supposed five-year-old psychic, that Bhumibol Dam would burst on December 31, 2011. It did not. The boy made the prophecy 37 years ago, shortly before his death. Thongbai claimed his son had correctly predicted that a tsunami would hit Thailand in 2004.

Provincial officials said the false prediction caused a drop of 90 per cent in tourist arrivals to Tak during the holiday season, and a loss of Bt400 million (US$13.3 million) in income.”

These are my comments:

Mystery No 1: Many people, also farang, tell me how beautiful dams are. They are ready to pay an entrance fee to stare at a pit of death and to paddle around in boats, loving the clean (dead) water. I can agree that some dams need to be built for electricity production, but beautiful – only in a wretched mind! To me, visiting a dam instead of real nature, is like turning your back to a water fall to admire the flushing mechanism of a toilet.

Mystery No 2: If the information in the article above is correct, 90% of such tourists are highly superstitious.

Mystery No 3: Why does media even publish prophecies? The mass media’s power over imbeciles is total, so why not use that power for something good and educational, rather than perpetuating superstition?

Conclusion: If we want to save the Mekong River, we need to understand that there is not only (biased) economical argues for the projects, but many supporters actually think dams make the world more beautiful, and many of these people are incapable of logical thinking. I forward this piece of advice to International Rivers so they can tune their pedagogic strategy. Winning the ears of media is essential.

A gorgeous sight of the Bhumibol dam published by Thai Visa Nation, originally from Wikimedia. Perhaps we could make posters to decorate our homes?

Eric Danell, Dokmai Garden

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  1. Will permalink
    January 5, 2012 9:58 AM

    I predict a 5000% increase in visitors to Dokmai Gardens cause my cat said so, perhaps the media could publish that as well? 🙂 Have to make up for that lost cash flow somehow..

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