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Crazy facts

December 12, 2011

1. Earlier this year we tried to order soil for a client. The price, 900 Baht/truck, turned out to be a rip-off. Recently I ordered the same soil for Dokmai Garden. Price: 1000 Baht/truck! I asked our buyer if she had already forgotten the turmoil earlier this year, but she insisted, even showed me the bill as if it was written by God. I simply ripped it and said I would not pay more than 400 Baht/truck. Case closed.

2. A few days ago I helped some friends of mine to look for land in Mae Wang. They wanted to lease rather than buy. The price: 20 million Baht for a 50 year leasing contract of the 24 rai land. That was 4 times more than actually buying it. No deal.

3. A farang acquaintance asked us to help him sell ‘his’ land for 9 million Baht. The problem is that this land has no title deed. The previous Thai ‘owner’ just had the right to use the land temporarily for agriculture. In other words he wants to sell governmental property as if it was his, and he is surprised nobody wants it. No deal.

4. A young Burmese man asked for a job at Dokmai Garden. Unfortunately he had no papers and the authorities told us they do not issue any papers until next year. We had to turn him down, but I felt sorry for the man so I asked Ketsanee a few days later what happened to him? He got a job for a police general and for the local government. For whom is the law written?

5. A Chinese acquaintance lives and works as a medical doctor in Chiang Mai since many years. He has no passport or identification card. One day he felt like visiting his relatives in China. He crossed the Mekong and Laos and stayed with his friends and relatives in China. Then he happily travelled the same route back to Chiang Mai again. Why spend time and money to get a visa?

6. According to Thai law, shops can not sell alcohol between 2-5 p.m. Big chains run by law obedient farang follow the law, but our local outlet could not care less. It is easy to find, just opposite the local police station. Prostitution? Illegal! Native orchids? Protected by law!

7. It is often said that man created God in his picture. A bizarre example is a sportsman who believes God is a football supporter.

Homo sapiens (‘sapiens’ meaning wise). Painting by Erik Ask.


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