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Smoked mushrooms

December 8, 2011

During yesterday’s lunch Nived cooked three different dishes for the garden school students, of which one was new even to me: smoked mushrooms! They tasted really nice and so we wish to share her recipe with the world:

1. Clean two handfuls of any edible mushroom you like. We had oyster mushrooms, but Nived said forest mushrooms work as well.

2. Mix the raw mushrooms with one tea spoon of fish sauce and one tea spoon of soy sauce. Add 0.5 dl of fresh ‘manglak’ basil leaves (Ocimum americanum syn. O. canum, Lamiaceae).

3. Take a banana leaf suitable for cooking. ‘Gluay nam wa’ is good, other varieties may contain bitter compounds. Spread the mushroom mix flat on the leaf, about one mushroom layer. Fold the sides and fasten with bamboo sticks (or tooth picks).

4. Put the package on the metal grid and cook over ‘not too hot’ charcoal. Turn it many times until you can smell the mushrooms (about 30 minutes).

The amounts are my estimates. Thai cooks never measure or follow written recipes, they just cook on feeling, and the result is splendid!

The Thais eat this with sticky rice.

Text & Photo: Eric Danell, Dokmai Garden

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