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Activity: January 29, 2012: Tropical Garden Weeds

December 6, 2011

Eric Danell

will lead an excursion to help you identify

Tropical Garden Weeds

We also discuss how to cope with these weeds

Meeting time: Sunday, January 29th, 2012, at 15.00.

Meeting place: Dokmai Garden (how to get there).

Cost: 100 Baht

Registration: Kindly register your participation at least two days in advance:

What is a weed? If “weed” is defined as “an unwanted plant”, then a weed from one garden may be a useful or ornamental plant in another garden. For example, ‘edible emilia’ (Emilia sonchifolia) and ‘ivy gourd’ (Coccinia grandis) are also appreciated vegetables, ‘Mexican sunflower’ (Tithonia diversifolia) is also a tourist attraction and the province flower of Mae Hong Son, herpes milk’ (Euphorbia hirta) is also a medicinal herb, and to some people ‘propeller trees’ (Dipterocarpus tuberculatus) are considered a weed. People who do not like commercial orchid hybrids call them weeds, while others define a weed as any plant that is not a garden cultivar. Here we define “weed” as “a species which invades lawns or disturbed soils”. If they are wanted or not in your own garden, is up to you. Some are prickly and invasive but most weeds show intricate beauty, and they enhance biodiversity and may attract birds and butterflies to enrich your garden.

Most welcome!

Ketsanee Seehamongkol & Eric Danell

Remember Erik Ask’s vernissage this Sunday, December 11th!

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