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Delicious juice

August 19, 2011

Good quality fruit juice is most refreshing on a hot tropical day. Preferably a juice should contain nothing else but fruit juice. Home made juice is of course preferable, but not many people can enjoy this luxury. There are many commercial juice brands and consequently many different qualities. A low price often means less juice and more water and sugar, and these low quality brands are usually economical winners while elite brands with full-bodied flavours and rich in vitamins struggle.

After trying many brands of fruit juices we conclude that the Doi Kham juice is the superior brand in Thailand. Doi Kham is the brand name of products from the ‘Hilltribe Support Royal Projects’ which was launched in 1969 to battle opium cultivation and its detrimental impact on society and forestlands.  Unfortunately, even top end grocery stores only display a couple of packages and usually a fraction of the many different Doi Kham products. It is often the case that a superior manufacturer need to put more energy on marketing.

Luckily, there is a Doi Kham shop within the Chiang Mai University campus. Simply go north on the canal road from the Night Safari and take the first entrance to the university (left or west). The opposite road goes to the Wat Suan Dok temple and downtown. Turn immediately right and you will find a small parking, some vegetable and fruit vendors and a white building with Doi Kham products. Here you will find a full display of all their fruit juices (passionfruit, guava, mulberry, strawberry, litchi, peach, orange, prune) and in large quantities so you can stock it. In addition there will be vegetables, coffee, nuts etc etc.

Here at Dokmai Garden we realize tourists do not cross the oceans to drink another Coke, and so we favour the local and superior Doi Kham juices together with some home made drinks. Tourists are usually happily surprised when drinking a glass of Doi Kham guava juice (no additions). It is like growing up among glass shards and suddenly encounter a real sparkling diamond.

Eric Danell & Ketsanee Seehamongkol

Peach juice (60%, the rest is orange, passionfruit and grape) is a new product. The peach trees grow at high elevation as a shade tree for coffee. Eric thought this juice tasted a bit like baby dessert. Our Doi Kham favourite is passionfruit juice, tightly followed by guava and litchi juice. The acidity of the passionfruit juice has been balanced with sugar additions, making it a divine drink!

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