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Anders Behring Breivik

August 3, 2011

In my blog where I compared orchid extinction with the Norwegian mass murder, I selected not to mention the murderer’s name because apparently he loves the attention. Also, an old saying goes that if you say the name of the evil it will appear.

Right now it is quite depressing that Anders Behring Breivik has managed to manipulate us so much, and that a search results in thousands of pictures of him in parade uniform alongside with uncensored pictures of his victims bleeding to death (someone’s son, someone’s daughter). However, the blogger Nikke Lindqvist suggested we should name pictures of poo after the murderer. When anyone (such as the murderer himself or his fans) google for the important-looking pictures the murderer uploaded of himself, he will be mixed with poo. In Breivik’s manifesto he expects to be condemned, shot and tortured, but he takes himself so seriously that he could not imagine he would be ridiculed.

Some argue this manipulation of pictures is censure, but I do not think so because the originals are still there. It is just a protest (feels good) and makes people laugh in the middle of a terrible situation. It is similar to the British short movies where they made the Nazis dance a silly dance. Remember that if Breivik had had the gift of speech, he could have inspired thousands, like Hitler, Bin Laden and Pol Pot. Instead there is a risk he will become an icon like Che Guevara, a romantic poster hiding a diabolic ideology. We must crush the picture of a handsome knight and show his real soul, like unveiling the Picture of Dorian Gray.

Nikke also suggests that one should download the manifesto of Anders Behring Breivik and alter the content, such as the bomb recipe, and then post it again. What if there were 2 million copies of fake ‘Terrorist’s Handbook’ out there? The wannabe terrorists would blow up themselves or simply give up.

The thinking and actions of Anders Behring Breivik mirror those of Osama Bin Laden. This resemblance shows terrorism is not about religion, but about deranged minds, so in the bold tradition of scatologists Francois Rabelais and Jonathan Swift I hereby unveil the picture:

Riddar Anders for åt Fanders

Anders Tyrann

sket så det rann.

Till vår fasa

fick vi torka med trasa.

Text: Eric Danell (inspired by an old Swedish folk poem and Lennart Hellsing).

Additional raw material provided by Ruben the dog.

If you need to see something beautiful and positive now, click here!

Update August 6: Have you tried to Google pictures using google addresses for different countries, such as or or There is quite a bit of variation. Although this blog’s poem is in Swedish, the picture is not included at all in the Swedish google search, while depicted on pages 30-38 in the other Nordic countries and in the USA. This shows that to reveal the picture of Dorian Gray, people of all countries must submit their scatological art. Don’t you have any picture to submit? Feel free to use this one. The cause is greater than the copyrights, and Ruben gave his permission.

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  1. August 6, 2011 6:13 AM

    Someone make a picture so the masses can finally geT in their head that Che is a mass murderer as well

    • August 6, 2011 11:05 AM

      Yes, history is extremely important, but many are not interested in facts and so they worship a poster or an altar. Some people here in Thailand are communists thinking it is something new and untested. They have never heard of the atrocities by Mao or Stalin, they just listen to a gifted speaker coming to their village or student dorm and then they add another romantic picture to their house gods to whom they pray. Knowing this, and seeing the clever upload of handsome-looking pictures of a totally deranged fascist, I fear the worst. This time we must stop the glorification at an early stage.

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