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My allergy is gone!

July 19, 2011

Since childhood I have been tormented by pollen allergy (timothy – Phleum pratense – and other grasses). Every year between May and July I had to eat medicine, or I would turn into mucus. What a punishment for a biologist!

A pollen allergy can develop as a result of a nose irritation due to a simple cold or pollution like cigarette smoke, at the same time as pollen is around. The immune system is alerted due to the irritation and develops antibodies against alien proteins, in this case proteins on the surface of pollen which may accidentally occur on the respiratory mucous membranes. My allergy has been considered a permanent illness, impossible to cure.

When I got older I noticed that when visiting Africa or North America I did not have any symptoms in spite of clouds of grass pollen. I figured the proteins of the exotic pollens were different and so my immune system did not react. That is one good reason to live in Thailand, I can visit the forests like a normal person, no reason to medicate or to suffer from red eyes and endless sneezing.

Last year (2010) I only visited Sweden in February, no summer vacation. This year (2011) I paid a visit at summertime. I brought my pills as usual but by some reason I forgot to take my pill one morning. I had no reaction! I decided to stay away the next morning too – no allergic reaction! I spent five weeks in what was former a cloud of poison, without any symptoms.

If you suffer from pollen allergy, then try to stay away from the allergens for two years (go far abroad during the entire pollen season at home, maybe 3 months). The memory of my immune system is apparently more than nine months, as that is the time between the allergy cycles a normal year. Apparently, if the body is not exposed within 24 months, the immune system may forget the unwanted reaction to normal pollen, and this has improved my life tremendously.

Eric Danell

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