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Back from Hell

July 7, 2011

Scandinavia was fantastic, but it sure feels good to come back here to our beloved Dokmai Garden. A lot of things have changed during our month of work-related meetings and vacation in Sweden and Norway. Lala and Lolo have produced piglets!! Amazing, the parents look like children themselves, especially Lolo, the proud father. Anyone interested in generously supporting the Orchid Ark may adopt a piglet or two from us for free!

The big breadfruit by the bathroom died, probably as a result of moles. They have progressively become more common at Dokmai Garden, and so far we have only observed their activities, hoping natural predators would control them, but we may want to do something more active now.

Everything else has grown tremendously! According to the gardeners there have been a lot of rain and so Dokmai Garden has almost the same shade of hysterical green as the Scandinavian mountain pastures. In Jormlien in northern Sweden there are guided tours for anyone interested in alpine botany (300 SEK or 1500 Baht per person/day, not including transportation nor food).

Ruben, our golden retriever, has received a new house and a concrete floor. His affectionate greeting was a dear welcome.

Due to the nice situation with many time-consuming projects and activities, including the Orchid Ark, and due to the fact that we already have nearly 450 blogs on monsoon gardening published, I shall slow down on the intensity of blog production. Doing research for blogs, and doing the photo documentation, is most time-consuming, so I may switch to just a blog a week.

Houses in neighbouring land are shooting up like mushrooms, and to our joy they seem very beautiful, improving the landscape in Namprae village. One piece of land which has been used as a waste dump has been sold and fenced, so we anticipate a transformation into a gorgeous garden.

Also, the peaceful turnout of the Thai election is most important to promote future investments and to attract tourists to Chiang Mai and Thailand. Of all the Swedes on the Jumbo Jet from Stockholm, Kate and I were the only passengers going straight to Chiang Mai. Swedes still believe Chiang Mai is a place in China.

Eric Danell

I took this picture today. Our Thai piglets are now six days old.

Hell is a charming Norwegian town between Swedish Storlien and Norwegian Trondheim. From the train we saw both Hell Grill and Church of Hell, and here at the railway station I took a quick snapshot. The Norwegian word ‘Hell’ is probably related to Swedish ‘Häll’, meaning flat stone.

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