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A ridiculous pet?

June 23, 2011

According to Swedish statistical data, Swedes spend more money on cat sand (sand purchased in shops to allow cats to poo indoors) than on buying land for conservation of endangered wild species (via tax money). In Thailand the segment of luxurious products for pets is expanding rapidly. A recent addition is fragrant powder for dogs. Dogs do not sweat, so this powder seems like a surplus product, but people still buy it. People who manage to sell such products are marketing geniuses, and so they should be employed by governments worldwide to attract money in saving endangered species, such as the Thai orchids.

In future discussions about what today’s generations did during the Last Days of the Orchids, we can add they were busy making pet powder. It sounds like something from Douglas Adams’ book ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’.

The Dokmai Garden truffle dog ‘Ruben’ testing a free sample of fragrant pet powder. We apologized to him for this humiliating treatment and assured him that there is nothing wrong with his own smell. Blocking his own sense of smelling with perfume would also make him less successful in finding Thai truffles.

Eric Danell

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