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A greenish yellow orchid

April 25, 2011

Chiloschista viridiflava (sometimes erroneously called C. viridiflora) is a most peculiar orchid. It grows in trees, not in the ground. Its leaves are rudimentary so instead the aerial roots contain chlorophyll for sugar synthesis. It is endemic to northern Thailand, i.e. not found anywhere else in the world or Thailand, spare a surprising report from central Nepal.

The genus contains some 16 species, all confined to tropical Asia.

The many blossom are formed during the hottest time of the year, which is now. If you like this orchid, and if you agree with us that it would be a shame if the 20th century generations exterminated it, then please support the Orchid Ark.

Text & photo: Eric Danell

Chiloschista viridiflava (Orchidaceae) is now in blossom at Dokmai Garden in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand. Note the little crab spider guarding one of the flowers. They can change colours and even patterns like a chamaeleon, adapting to the background for perfect camouflage.

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  1. April 25, 2011 3:34 PM

    What a wonderful world we live in.
    Thank you Eric.

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