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Save the Mekong!

April 14, 2011

Environmental lawyer Marty Bergoffen gave an interesting talk on the future of the Mekong river at Dokmai Garden on April 10. Since there will be a very important decision taken on the 19th of April (to axe or to proceed with the Xayaburi dam in Laos), we need immediate action from anyone who is concerned about the wildlife and people along the river. Many Thai banks are investors.

Marty proposes that any customer or share holder of a Thai bank writes a personal letter or e-mail to the investment departments. Addresses, e-mail addresses and further information can be found here:

Kindly e-mail Marty Bergoffen if you have any questions:

In addition (not instead of a letter) simply click here to add your name to a list directed to the Mekong River Commission.

Thailand needs more eco-warriors!

Ketsanee Seehamongkol

Nived Seehamongkol

Pattaramol Seehamongkol

Densak Seehamongkol

Sakchai Seehamongkol

Eric Danell

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