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A rare fruit

April 6, 2011

Many fruits of the custard apple family (Annonaceae) are highly appreciated. Their blossom might be inconspicuous though. Previously we have shown pictures of the gorgeous Uvaria grandiflora, but now we have ripe fruits! This morning a Bangkokian man visited us (he drove all the way from Bangkok), and he said like most other Thais “I have never seen this plant before”. However, the species is native to Thailand!

We tasted the fruits, assuming they were edible, and they were sweet with a flavour resembling apple, but much softer in texture. I gave our new fan a set of seeds, and he looked very excited. Any VIP card holder can come and pick some seeds for free!

Eric Danell

Uvaria grandiflora, red and cream coloured blossom. the fruits come from the red (wild) form. April 5th.

Mature fruits of red Uvaria grandiflora as seen on March 31st.

Do not forget Marty’s talk on the Mekong river on Sunday! You need to pre-book a 100 Baht ticket:

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  1. June 7, 2015 10:11 PM

    thank you! I’ve been sculpting daily fruit and veggies and will do for the whole of 2015, so your article was a lot of help 🙂
    In case you want to see the mini sculpture of it, here it is

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