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Cashew now in blossom

February 17, 2011

Our youngest cashew tree (Anacardium occidentale, Anacardiaceae) is now in blossom, but not the large trees. At Dokmai Garden we like the cashew apples very much, resembling stoneless peaches making any grown-up eat like a child, with juice pouring down on the chin. The ‘nuts’, the embryos, hang down under the cashew apple, but more about that when we blog about the harvesting time!

Another seasonal attraction which began recently is the tok-tok-tok-tok-tok of the ‘coppersmith barbet’, a green local bird with a colourful face. This bird, along with black-collared starlings, the common koel, red-wattled lapwings and the greater coucal form the basic background chorus of countryside Lanna (northern Thailand). In addition we have about 70 more wild bird species registered from our garden. Come and help us find some more!

Pattaramol Seehamongkol

Cashew blossom – a Brazilian settler in Chiang Mai

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