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Thanks everyone!

January 31, 2011

Yesterday, Sunday, we had the busiest day so far in the history of Dokmai Garden. We had 48 visitors, including the Skål meeting, Rick Burnette’s engaging lecture and drop in tourists. Many old good friends and also many new friends. The week has been busy, with a school class on Tuesday and a visit of Alvin Yoshinaga, a Hawaiian botanist with whom we had a great time for many hours. We are grateful he liked our signs, taking pictures of front – and back. Obviously little Thailand can impress big America.

We were also sad to learn that friends are leaving Chiang Mai. Christian Shearer, the founder of the Panya project, going to the Pacific Northwest, Don Cox, a gentleman and tree surgeon, going back to California, and other friends closing down their businesses due to the depressive economical situation.

Mark Bleadon, president of the Chiang Mai gardening Club, will write a review of our book – quite exciting.

Anyone interested in the Echo publications can buy some copies (legally made by Rick Burnette) from Dokmai Garden.

Looking forward to seeing all our new VIP guests, nearly 30 new people today, and two life time members, in the near future!

We should also like to remind everyone that we now offer our 4.32 rai prime land in Mae Kanin Tai for sale, 600 000 Baht below the market price, so that we can give Dokmai Garden an urgent and essential cash injection. The offer is only open until February 10. After that we withdraw the option and try to sell something else. The villagers in Mae Kanin Tai are a bit frightened, as they know and like us, and beg us to find another  owner who is in it for the love, not the buck!


Ketsanee Seehamongkol

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