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New Book: Fruits and Vegetables in Southeast Asian Markets

January 27, 2011

Updated December 15th, 2011:

Winner of the Gourmand Cookbook Award 2011 in the category ‘Culinary Travel Guide Thailand’.

At Dokmai Garden we simply love tropical fruits and vegetables! We share our enthusiasm and knowledge about these plants in a brand new book:

Dokmai Garden’s Guide to Fruits and Vegetables in Southeast Asian Markets (2011). White Lotus. 195 pages, 270 colour photographs. 950 Baht. Text: Eric Danell. Photo: Eric Danell, Anna Kiss and Martina Stöhrová.

The book is intended as a companion on your visits to markets, restaurants and orchards. We have selected 120 species of fruits, vegetables and mushrooms commonly found in Southeast Asia, Southern China and India. Although there are more species for sale in such markets, the book will help you learning over 100 species, not bad huh?

The information is packed in a handy format, which enables you to bring the book to the market with no efforts and to keep it in your luggage without causing space or weight problems. We hope you will find that the scientific accuracy paired with personal and down-to-earth descriptions make this book both entertaining and helpful.

….it is an important book. For Thailand and internationally.”

Edouard Cointreau, Gourmand International

You can buy the book straight at Dokmai Garden’s shop in Chiang Mai (Thailand), or from the Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden, Rimping or the Chedi Hotel.

Several bookstores in Chiang Mai (Bookazine, Suriwong bookstore, Silkworm books at the Chiang Mai airport, Asia Books) has it too.

You can always ask your local book store anywhere in the world to order from the White Lotus publishing company:

ISBN: 978-974-480-164-7

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  1. Barbara Tremain-Howard permalink
    February 2, 2011 1:41 AM

    Following is a brief introduction to my current Bsc Hons project
    Is it possible that yourself, and/or one of your colleagues could assist me in gaining the information I requre
    I await your reply with interest.

    Currently I am researching, and will be producing a paper on a Value Reference Model of 5 underutilized food plants.

    Alocasia macrorrhizos (L) G. Don Giant Taro

    Manilkara hexandar(Roxb.)Dubard Rayan

    Syzygium polyanthum(Wight)Walp Indian bayleaf

    Tilacora triandra(Colebr.)Diels Unknown English name at moment

    Thao ya nang

    Diospyros malabrica(Desr.) Kostel.var.malabrica Malabar

    Ebony Persimmon

    Tako suan

    These food plants are all known to be growing in their wild state on Ko Kut (Kut Island), E.Thailand. (Amongst other places in the tropics)
    The purpose of the research is to work towards creating an income stream for conservation of the largely unspoilt island biogeography of Ko Kut, either funding actual projects and/or education schemes.
    To develop this work I need information about the growing conditions and needs of these plants, and any known commercial uses, prices, demand, husbandry, marketing, existing practices, environmental interactions, farming techniques, statistics etc etc.
    Your assistance would be very greatly appeciated.

    Best regards


    Barbara Tremain-Howard FdSc Hort., RHS Advanced.,
    Cornwall TR20 8NB UK

    UK Mobile +44(0)7817 417998
    Skype BarbaraFlower (Barbara Jane Tremain or e.mail address)
    Fax +44(0)1736 740547

    • February 2, 2011 8:50 AM

      Dear Barbara,

      This is a big project. When you go to Thailand to study these issues you are of course welcome to visit Dokmai Garden too. We should be happy to chat with you and show you some of the plants on your list. Another valuable contact is Rick Burnette who just gave a talk here at Dokmai Garden:

    • V.Sivaperumal permalink
      May 26, 2013 10:09 AM

      The 5 year old young Diospyros malabarica growing very well in my jardin near Munnar. . i will send you the pictures after getting your mail ID.
      The Manilkara hexandra is slow growing evergreen tree. It found growing near my working place( Wild trees growing on the Reserve forest). Just 100km from Chennai. We are commonly used root stock for Manilkara zapota(Achras sapota)..
      I’m very much interested in plants.I’m introduce new plants to my jardin every year. Now>600 species of plants growing in my jardin at Munnar.
      My mail ID is

  2. Dan Kerr permalink
    December 16, 2011 1:32 AM

    RE: New Book: Fruits and Vegetables in Southeast Asian Markets

    Gotta check out this book!
    For a westerner who loves to admire the odd, bizarre and weird of the plant world; gotta have it!

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