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The Amazon lily

January 19, 2011

The Amazon lily, Eucharis x grandiflora (Amaryllidaceae), looks like a shy snow-white daffodil. If you wish to grow this species successfully in a monsoon climate, you need to select an area with shade all day long, and provide water daily. Like with so many other bulb-forming plants, you can dig up and separate the bulbs to move them to new places or expand the area. The literature claims this will stunt its growth for a long time, but here at Dokmai Garden in Chiang Mai, Thailand, it works fine.

If you lie down on the ground and look up you will see the maiden’s shy face. It is supposedly a natural hybrid of E. moorei and E. sanderi, native to Colombia and Ecuador. The similar E. amazonica from Peru has a longer (10+ mm) and wider (28+ mm) daffodil cup (staminal cup).


This is how you normally see her, from above. The plant is suitable under an evergreen tree, in this case Dimocarpus longan (Sapindaceae), where the dark green foliage and the white blossom cheers up the otherwise dull leaf litter. The frequent watering of your Amazon lilies may induce a second blossom in the longan tree.

Eric Danell

(Yesterday I searched for ‘tropical garden blog’ to access other sources of information. Thai Google sent me 452 000 results, but to my great surprise ‘Dokmai Dogma’ was on the first page, position 8! Thanks everyone for the attention!)

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