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The edible Himalayan silverbush now in blossom

January 7, 2011

At the markets in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand you may sometimes see heaps of red berries for sale. They resemble giant versions of the fruits of European sea-buckthorn  (Hippophaë rhamnoides, Elaeagnaceae) and are quite tasty. They come from a wild shrub in the nearby mountains called ‘Ma rot’ by the locals, or Elaeagnus latifolia (Elaeagnaceae) by the scientists. It grows quite tall and the leaves have beautiful silvery undersides. The flowers are apparently attractive to bees, as observed from our hedge at Dokmai Garden. This is a lovely local garden ornamental which also provides edible fruits. The shrubbery is a good hiding place for little birds and lizards. You need to water it during the hottest and driest time.

Eric Danell

Blossom of Himalayan silverbush


Fruits of Himalayan silverbush (from last year)

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