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The gall bladder as an ingredient

December 23, 2010

Yesterday we had a busy day. A most interesting group of four from Beijing, an Englishman setting up a vegetable section for a foundation for Thai teenage mothers and a California couple in the afternoon. We also had a visitor from Roi Et in the northeast of Thailand, a governmental employee and relative of the Seehamongkol family, bringing Mekong whiskey. As a snack we had BBQ beef with a dip composed of fish sauce, chili, spring onion, salt, sugar and – gall bladder from a cow! It was quite bitter, and at first I thought they had added Oroxylum indicum, the Midnight Horror, which has bitter fruits. It is quite amazing that a byproduct from slaughtering discarded in the west, is a commercial merchandise in Thailand. A fish-head in Sweden is very cheap, aimed for the dog, but here, it is a delicacy! Your beautiful-looking hostess will chew it like a cat, crunchy!

Eric Danell, experiencing amazing novelties every day, inspite of several years in Thailand.

Thai women love to eat fish, even the head!

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