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Artificial fiber or silk?

December 17, 2010

Many years ago I went to a fashionable tailor in my Swedish hometown to ask for a silk vest to be used at an academic party. The tailor patiently explained that real silk vests disappeared from the Swedish market before I was born. He showed me some glossy vests made of synthetic fiber, but the feeling and the luster was not the same as the silk vests I had seen in Thailand.

When I went to Bangkok I made a vest from real silk. I used it many times at various occasions in Sweden, and people asked if I wore a precious relic from the 18th century. In fact, it did not cost more than a fake silk vest in Sweden.

I told Ketsanee about the foreigner’s admiration for silk vests, so she made a small series of such vests which are kept for sale here at Dokmai Garden, Chiang Mai. Many tourists have no time to stay for two days while the tailor makes his measurements and fittings, and many tourists can not find good quality or are heavily over-charged. Our vests are grab and go.

Unlike women, a man going to a banquet has limited options in clothing, but he can at least vary his vests, and thereby stand out within modesty.

Welcome to Dokmai Garden and try their silk vests!

Eric Danell, scientific consultant at Dokmai Garden, Chiang Mai


HRH Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden meets a Dokmai Garden silk vest


The Dokmai Garden silk vest (the same as in the top picture) has a discrete floral motif for a gardener and a gentleman, inspired by 18th century vests. The refraction of the silk fiber is striking in this picture. Even when the party is almost over and you take off your jacket to sip cognac in the library, you will still look decent.

Until the end of December 2010 Dokmai Garden offers these vests for 2900 Baht each. VIP card holders only pay 2400 Baht.

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