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Terrible news

December 15, 2010

This morning we learnt there is a sign under the big ebony at the Mae Khanin Tai temple, where some ‘farang’ promise good pay for tockay (or tokay) gecko lizards which will be used for making ‘medicine’. Apparently ‘alternative-medicine’ people use the tongue as an aphrodisiac, cancer cure and AIDS cure.

This is a terrible and illegal exploitation of Thai national parks and ill and uneducated people who desperately look for a cure. Only an uneducated or mentally disabled person would pay a fortune for a ‘medicine’ without any scientific support and only greedy people trade their wildlife which could bring tourism money for ever. What puzzles me is why deranged minds kill tigers and tockays for useless medicines, when they could add chicken bone in the medicine and fool the already fooled. Why do the manufacturers of such ‘medicines’ with illegal ingredients act honestly towards fools, and not towards the creation?

Tourists visiting Dokmai Garden have reported mass killing of tockays all over Southeast Asia. Farmers even sneak around Dokmai Garden in the night, so we shall enforce our tockays’ security. A Malayan minister said the tockay is not endangered so people can go ahead. This trade will make the tockay endangered, it is illegal to hunt them in national parks and it is a serious problem when people believe in the medicinal properties of a lizard tongue.

It is only thanks to one person, the Thai King, there are any forests left in Thailand. Laos and Burma which lack the influence of an educated and generous mind are eliminating their forests. Many Thais do not respect the royal national parks, and keep stealing birds, orchids, timber and now also the tockays.

We urge all Chiang Mai garden owners to fight superstition and greed by protecting their tockays, and ask the monks to spread wisdom. Also, talk about the problem with your staff. Kate said a cleaning lady’s husband raids some areas. It is also effective to strike against the demand. Make comments on alternative medicine blogs. The greatest problem is in China, so ask any Chinese speaking friends to post comments in Chinese on Chinese blogs.

The tockay gecko (Gekko gecko)  is the largest gecko in the world. It can run on tree trunks and walls chasing mosquitos and anything else it can swallow. It is a creature that has named itself. “Tockay” is the call of the male during the mating season, a lovely and healthy sign which soon may disappear due to the bottomless stupidity of people who think the poor lizard’s tongue might be a miracle cure, better than real medicines based on empirical studies, i.e. science.

Tockay hunting would not have been a problem if the demand had been marginal. It is one of many symptoms of the only environmental problem on Earth; the overpopulation. The causes of overpopulation is superstition and poverty. The methods to battle superstition and poverty are education and female liberation. Teachers worldwide, make your pupils understand logical thinking, empirical studies, simple statistics and teach them to question old ‘truths’ and to question charlatans and pseudoscientists who dub themselves ‘doctors’. Most importantly, teach the children to cherish the creation!

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  1. tomo permalink
    December 15, 2010 10:59 AM

    aaaghh! it’s aweful. tokay gecko is such a beautiful creature, i adore them. yes, teach children. i have high hope for the new generation. that’s the only thing we can do, share the beauty and intrinsic value of each and every species. and do our best to keep the environment and ecology unspoiled and intact.

  2. Chase permalink
    December 9, 2012 1:08 AM

    I think we should stop this once and for all. Us humans can find alternatives for curing cancer. By taking a beautiful creature’s lives is terrible if you’re just gonna be using it for money. It’s just selfish

    • December 9, 2012 3:10 PM

      Dear Chase,

      I admire your heart. Unfortunately most people have neither heart nor brains. What can we do but whisper words of reason in the hurricane of superstition?


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