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Other outfits in a monsoon garden

December 9, 2010

The cosmetics industry is very profitable, since no woman is satisfied with her mirror image, no matter how gorgeous she looks. I believe that if you are young you do not need a range of different brand-named skin lotions, spare a cheap moisturizer, and when you are old such ointments do not help anyhow. In these times of green awareness, maybe we should say goodbye to the expensive whitening lotions in Asia? What about sun screens? They cost money too, they steal time and mess up your hands. Some even fear that the frequent applications of dubious chemicals on your skin may damage it.

Some people stay indoors all the time, which of course blocks the sun effectively. This might be a good option for somebody with a stagnant lifestyle, but does a devoted monsoon gardener have any alternatives? Yes, in addition to an elegant hat, you can wear long sleeved shirts. I never use chemical sun screens, although my skin is very sensitive to sun light. I use simple long sleeved and collared shirts when working in the garden, and elegant shirts for relaxing in the garden. Cotton, flax or other natural fibers should be selected to allow the skin to breathe.

Dokmai Garden offers a luxurious shirt made of flax or cotton, with hand painted buttons like sliced oranges. This is a very small series of exclusive shirts for somebody who likes to sip his Sauvignon-Blanc outdoors, preferring the jungle chorus to the noise of an air conditioning machine.

Eric Danell

There are only ten Dokmai Garden shirts in the world, of which we have sold three already.


The buttons are hand-painted in Europe. Although we looked for a Thai button maker, we could not find anyone with the same superb finish. During December 2010 we offer these shirts at 3900 Baht. VIP card holders pay only 3 400 Baht.

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