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Happy birding!

December 6, 2010

Yesterday I registered a new bird species at Dokmai Garden: the rufous treepie. With Tony Ball’s excellent CD:s of Thai bird calls that ID was quite simple. Later I also saw two of the birds high up in our tallest Dipterocarpus tuberculatus tree. They were quite big, with long grey tails with black tips, black heads and a colour of the breast I should describe as ocherous yellow with a tinge of red. The breasts reminded me of the colour of an Italian renaissance wall – very handsome birds. The call was a metallic ‘oklyy’, absolutely adding to Dokmai Garden’s jungle chorus. Both me and the chicken stared up the tree with amazement when we heard our new guests. Now we have 74 wild bird species registered within the garden – help us find more and get a reward!

It is a special feeling in your heart when animals come to you or to your garden. You feel honoured. A tip to other Chiang Mai garden owners is to leave or even plant some Dipterocarpus tuberculatus. They are such a characteristic of the Chiang Mai province, and many other organisms depend on them, like oaks in Europe.

Another tip is to buy Chiang Mai ornithologist Tony Ball’s CD:s with bird calls. He sells them here at Dokmai Garden and at Suriwong Bookstore.

Eric Danell

Tony Ball has produced 3 CD:s on Thai bird calls. In the first two Tony says the name and then you hear the call. In the third one, you will only hear the calls, which is relaxing music too.

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