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Laddawan in blossom!

November 13, 2010

Today we had Karl-Herman and Birgitte from Germany/Denmark joining our garden tour. This enthusiastic couple, with a thorough background in gardening and greenhouse development, first joined us to the Hang Dong market where we studied fruits and vegetables, spices and fish. Then we discussed the plants in the gardens and orchards we passed on the way to Dokmai Garden. Today’s specialty at Dokmai Garden was Laddawan, Porana volubilis (Convolvulaceae). When you see this indigenous beauty in blossom, you understand why many Thai parents name their daughters ‘Laddawan’. This is a member of an exclusive, small group of traditional Thai ornamental plants.

Other highlights today were four Crested Serpent Eagles and freshly made rosella lemonade.

After Dokmai Garden, we slowly drove to Mae Kanin Tai and Opkhan National Park, to experience the real jungle, and Lanna hospitality in the form of a delicious Diplazium esculentum fern dish, Burmese style pork and fish. We also ate the last pomelo (Citrus maxima) in a long time, a huge giant the size of a bowling ball.

Tomorrow we welcome American guests to our tour.

Eric Danell and Ketsanee Seehamongkol



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