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Royal Orchid at Dokmai Garden

November 1, 2010

Leaves and fruits have fantastic design, and people have ever since Stone Age adorned themselves with floral objects or shiny precious metals. Thanks to modern science, gold and silver coating of real leaves, flowers and fruits have become possible.

Dokmai Garden is proud to announce that we are the only independent shop in Chiang Mai offering the Royal Orchid jewelry. Garden lover Victoria Nimmanahaeminda (also known for the Nimmanhemin Road) has personally selected the objects she wishes to sell with us. There is only one more outlet in Chiang Mai, and that is Royal Orchid’s own store. The prices are fixed, so the two shops offer the same retail prices.

Most welcome to Dokmai Garden to shop for Christmas, a place where you do not feel stress, and where you can sip a glass of first class Omaka Springs Sauvignon Blanc while listening to the calls of birds.

Ketsanee Seehamongkol

A Bauhinia bracelet perpetuates the leaf design. 17 390 Baht


A peppercorn necklace for a spicy woman. 12 260 Baht

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