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Some good news, and some really good news!

October 24, 2010

The really good news are that there will be no dam construction in the gorgeous Mae Khanin Tai Valley. This village is only situated 25 minutes by car from Dokmai Garden, inside an evergreen valley surrounded by cute rice fields and the Opkhan National Park. The wildlife includes civets, wild boar, barking deer, Asian golden cats, terrapins, makak monkeys and more. It is also one of the few places left in Thailand where wild Dendrobium and Vanda orchids can still be found in the surrounding hillsides.


Thanks to the new strip of asphalt that was made after Christmas, people have now found their way to the valley. The land price, based on actual sales, has increased from 300 000 Baht/rai in 2008, to 650 000 Baht/rai in October 2010. These prices are for plain pomelo plantations and rice fields only.

The good news are that the real gem of Mae Khanin Tai, a 4.32 rai land with a meandering stream, a pond, mature litchi, coconuts, areca palms, huge blue bamboos (Dendrocalamus sericeus), wild Cheilocostus and just a one minute’s walkway from the temple, is for sale. The asked price is 850 000 Baht/rai. The land title deed is chanote.

Why not use this Sunday for a trip to Mae Khanin Tai? Go straight west on the Namprae road (Hang Dong) towards the Opkhan Natonal Park. After the checkpoint you will eventually see an English sign “land for sale”, and then go on west until you see the enchanting temple amongst lush green. At the temple, walk downhill (west) past the giant ebony, cross the stream on the small Shorea plank and there is the land!

This is a perfect land for a sound investment and for a retreat.

If you wish to buy it, simply talk to the village head or to Ketsanee Seehamongkol (08-13866244) or e-mail us:

Eric Danell

The Mae Khanin Tai temple is a tranquil place surrounded by forests.

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