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Today’s holiday is about Buddhism and rice

October 23, 2010

This morning the whole Seehamongkol family go to the temple to celebrate ‘One pan saa’ (my home-made phonetics). This holiday marks the day when the monks can leave their temples again. The reason, according to Ketsanee, is that the rice is now tall enough to be seen, and the monks will not trample it by mistake. This is also a day when the villages’ men prune the trees along the roads, and by some reason you are not allowed to cut banana today.

On July 27th, there was another Buddhist holiday,’kao pan saa’. This holiday marked the day from which the monks had to stay in their temples. According to Ketsanee, this is to protect the rice harvests, i.e. at this time the rice is small, and the farmers busy, so they can not have their work spoilt by trampling.

During Buddhist ceremonies, the Thais go to their temples in the mornings, bringing gifts for the monks which are distributed to the poor. In return they receive blessings in Sanskrit.

In spite of this holiday, Dokmai Garden is still open today.

Very welcome!

Eric Danell

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