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About flooding in Thailand

October 21, 2010

The news broadcast flooding events in Thailand. That is sad, since we had the most severe drought in 70 years in 2009, followed by a delayed rainy season in 2010. Since November 2008, we have not had a decent rain until August 2010. The current rains in Chiang Mai are most welcome, making us strong before the upcoming dry season. Indeed, Esan (the northeast of Thailand), have had a terrible year, where the rice harvest first succumbed due to drought, and the few remaining paddies have now been drenched.

However, the Esan has traditionally been empty for millenia, due to the unfavourable climate. The only reason why people live there now, is the fact that the Thai wars with Laos in the early 1800’s aimed at capturing tens of thousands of people to displace them in Esan. The ultimate goal was to provide the Thai king with more tax revenues. The Esan people are, due to the harsh conditions, the most industrious people in Thailand, similar to the Spartans and the Vikings. Ketsanee, the owner of Dokmai Garden, is one of the Esan prisoner of war descendants, not fearing moving around, not fearing her original lands in Roi-Et will succumb, not fearing the unfair distribution of compensation due to the red shirts’ imbecilic riots in April. A born fighter against any odds – respect!

Eric Danell, sometimes longing for a safe Orwellian life in Europe

Mika, 2, a scary cross of Viking and Esan blood.

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