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The lady who loves to spin

October 16, 2010

The Golden-orb Spider, Nephila pilipes (=N. maculata) may look like a flying spider when situated high up in its cobweb. The body of the female may reach five centimeters, which is ten times the size of the male. With the impressive legs, this spider equals the size of the palm of your hand. Although there are no deadly aracnids hitherto known in Southeast Asia, some species are venomous. The Golden-orb Spider is theoretically venomous, but in reality very few people have ever been bitten. The genus Nephila (meaning the one who loves spinning) is present in Africa and the Americas too. In Chiang Mai it is a common species, and the gardener should treasure this spectacular hunter and her abilities to reduce the numbers of garden pests.

Eric Danell

I had to climb high up on a ladder to reach the web which was situated between two longan trees.

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