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Wild boar at Dokmai Garden

October 14, 2010

Yesterday Dokmai Garden received two wild boar piglets from our supporter Christopher Freeland. The male is called Lolo and the female is called Lala (after two Thai comedians). We keep them in a fenced area just south of the rice paddy. Their future task will be to plow and fertilize section after section in the vegetable garden.

Although they are new and young (2 and 3 months old), they already know that if I show up with my pink bucket they will get a treat. Last evening I fed them bananas and longkong (Lansium domesticum, Meliaceae). Christopher’s advice is to feed them rice, vegetables and fruits only, because the taste for blood may result in bites and other accidents. Excellent food sources are kitchen waste and an old banana pseudostem, which has to be cut down after producing the fruit. It should be cut into pieces and then soaked in water for 24 hours, before being fed to the pigs. Breeding pigs is an excellent way of making manure and meat from waste products.

This Eurasian Wild Boar (Sus scrofa) has a natural range from North Africa and Europe to Indonesia. It has been introduced in Australia and the Americas too. It occurs naturally in the nearby Opkhan National Park, and was once a preferred prey by the tiger. Leopard, man and reticulated python are other natural enemies. The domesticated pig is simply a wild boar which has spent many generations in man’s farms. In addition to this species, there are 15 more wild pig species (Suidae) on Earth.

Eric Danell

Lolo, the little boy, still wears his striped pyjamas, while Lala wears a more fashionable brown coat worthy a three months old lady.

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