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Dokmai Garden in the eyes of American guests

October 7, 2010

Hi everyone-we are the American ‘Garden School students’ Eric mentioned earlier; collectively called Motom, our names are Automne Mosher and Momo Hurley. We came to Thailand to connect with the people of Thailand through their relationship with the land. Dokmai Garden, as our first introduction to Thai ethnobotany, has been a great learning experience as we are guided through the infinite botanical knowledge of Eric, the incredible cooking expertise of Nived and the interesting cultural stories of Ketsanee. We both feel our stay has been a perfect start to building our knowledge for the rest of our time in Thailand, as it creates a solid base to draw from when we venture to other farms.

When we first arrived there was a bit of culture shock as we left the fast paced American lifestyle for a simpler one here at Dokmai. We have adjusted now and both of us have grown to appreciate and enjoy this low impact way of life… Night time sounds have changed from cars and people to insects and the hilarious call of the duk ga gecko. Food has changed as we harvest fresh tropical fruit and sample fish from the pond, try new curries and soups, even bugs (which we have taken a huge interest to). We are both interested in studying permaculture, of which Dokmai holds in high esteem, and we have learned much about it through Eric’s brain jellifying lessons. We have encountered the bites of the small yet monstrous green tree ant, as well as the stings of an evil red wasp, and if you visit Dokmai Garden you are now likely to hear screams from the inexperienced American guests. The variety and abundance of plants here is stunning, as it has only been open 4 years; there is a never-ending amount to learn which is intimidating but exciting. Everywhere you look there is life and vitality, from the butterflies to the living compost pile, and we are grateful to be getting such a great learning experience from truly passionate and dedicated teachers!

American guests among snake gourds (Trichosanthes cucumerina var. anguina).

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  1. mami motom permalink
    October 14, 2010 1:38 AM

    mami motom laughs and cries as she reads these words of her american daughters. she once was one of these young girls who was born to admire tropical seas and gardens and terrapins and orchids and ants and wasps and yes more than anything else native plants! she longs for a bite of jackfruit and a whiff of water lily and wishes she were there with her lovely daughters.

    she sends her utmost respect and gratitude to dokmai garden, the family and its dokmai dogma! these young ladies have worked hard for this adventure for a long time and found just the place for their deep appreciation of the experience. dokmai garden’s peace travels across the seas and the motom family is at peace and grateful to the garden of their dream.


  2. Dominique permalink
    November 5, 2010 11:16 PM

    Hi there

    Looks like a very interesting place.

    I ‘d like to visit Dokmai Garden as well.

    How can I contact the Dokmai Garden? Any email adress?

    Thank you

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