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The flames of the New Guinea Creeper

October 5, 2010

The New Guinea Creeper (Mucuna bennettii=M. warburgii, Fabaceae) is a rainforest liana which currently displays its colours here and there in the Chiang Mai gardens, northern Thailand. If you wish to grow this flamboyant climber, you need to plant it where it is always shady. The vine will then trail up an arbour, tree or wire and when it reaches the sunshine, it will spread out, and make flowers at the end of the rainy season. If you plant it in a sunny spot, where the sun hits the soil above the roots, you will probably fail. It appreciates some extra nutrients for fast growth. Keep it moist throughout the dry season.

Eric Danell

Mucuna bennettii, now in blossom at Dokmai Garden.

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