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Breadfruit for dessert

October 1, 2010

In a previous blog we described how to use breadfruit (Artocarpus altilis, Moraceae) for making lunch or dinner dumplings. Here we describe how to make a dessert from breadfruit. As the dessert is neither a dumpling nor a cookie, Eric suggested ‘Motoms’, after the inventors Momo and Automne, American guests:

We collected a mature breadfruit from a tree at Dokmai Garden. We peeled it, removed the seedy centre and cut the white pulp into 2cm-cubes. We rinsed the cubes and then we added 2 litres of water. We collected 12 ml of Bixa orellana seeds (Annatto) from a tree in the garden, and added these to the water. We then boiled the breadfruit until soft (like you boil potatoes). The Bixa seeds gave the cubes a colour making them resemble pineapple pieces.

We removed the Bixa seeds and mashed the breadfruit by hand, adding one egg. The mash was divided into two portions, each corresponding with 200g of fresh breadfruit cubes.

Mash 1 was mixed with 5 ml cinnamon powder, 50 ml raisins, 15 ml butter and 75 ml sugar.

Mash 2 was mixed with the finely ground peel of a lemon we picked from a bush just outside the kitchen, 15 ml of the same lemon’s juice, 15 ml butter and 50 ml sugar.

The resulting mixture resembled cookie dough in taste and texture. The mixture was divided into 14 portions on an oven tray smeared with butter, like when you make cookies. The motoms were baked at 200 °C for 25 minutes in the middle of a gas convection oven.

The motoms were surprisingly tasty. All three of us agreed this was much better than expected. Using 75 ml sugar instead of 50 ml made the motoms more firm.

(We also tried frying two motoms like when you make a pan-cake, but that did not work well).

Eric Danell, Momo Hurley, Automne Mosher

Motom dough resembles cookie dough, but the resulting motoms are much softer.

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