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A Thai Jewel Orchid For Sale

September 27, 2010

In yesterday’s blog I mentioned Dr Santi Wathana’s successful project where he combined education of villagers, local economy and plant preservation, using the native blue orchid Vanda coerulea. He also discovered the Jewel Orchid Anoectochilus burmannicus growing wild in the village. By seed propagation and cuttings in vitro, he managed to teach the locals to propagate this orchid too. You can buy a bottle with such an orchid from the village Pongkai (contact Khun Withai, phone 08-8845803). Buying wild orchid species still kept in aseptic bottles since their time in the laboratory does not demand CITES forms.

By buying the orchid  you help the villagers as well as the orchid.

This species is terrestrial, and should be grown in a pot, or directly on the ground if you have a piece of a mountain forest in your garden. If you buy a bottle, transport it upright and then break it at home by wrapping the bottle in a rag and then hit it with a hammer. Plant it in a pot with good semidegraded compost, and assure good drainage and regular water supply. Keep it in the shade, preferably in a moist atmosphere.

Update August 3, 2011: Due to our work with conservation we do not sell any orchids.

Eric Danell

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