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How do you collect seeds from fruits high up in the trees?

September 23, 2010

Collecting seeds is sometimes the only option if you wish bring a special Chiang Mai forest plant into your garden. Some trees in Thailand grow very tall, and even the lowest branch may therefore be out of reach. If you decide to wait for the fruit to fall, you may have to make many visits until you find something on the ground, and if you are unlucky you may come too late. An option is therefore to use slingshots. Such tools can be bought at any market in Thailand, and are normally used for hunting small birds and lizards. Some people believe that if a slightly immature fruit is taken from the tree, then the seeds will not germinate. In fact, many mature seeds may contain germination inhibitors, while slightly immature seeds may germinate instantly. Sometimes you come too late, i.e. most fruits are on the ground and empty, but you may see one old fruit up in the tree, and shooting it down may provide you with the last precious seeds. 

In your nursery you may learn how the seedling look like, so in the future you can search for seedlings.

Eric Danell

Den from Dokmai Garden is an experienced seed collector.

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