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Gastronomic Research on Breadfruit

September 20, 2010

As written on September 9, the breadfruit grows well in the Chiang Mai valley but is not very well-known by the local people as a food. As we have two breadfruit trees at Dokmai Garden and one bearing fruit, we thought about doing some gastronomic research on them. We used a recipe for breadfruit dumplings from Anja’s mother that she brought from the Caribbean some years ago. Here are our results:

We took a breadfruit (790g fresh weight), peeled it, removed the slightly seedy and tough centre and cut the white pulp into 2cm-cubes. It is important to know that the breadfruit contains a sticky, milky sap which can be removed from your hamds and knives by butter or oil, so make sure you have that within your reach. First we rinsed the cubes three times, and then we boiled the cubes in water until soft (like you boil potatoes). Then we mashed it by hand, which is a lot easier than mashing potatoes! We decided to change the recipe a bit, so after adding one egg we mixed the breadfruit-egg-mash with 50g of slightly fried Thai chanterelle mushrooms instead of salted fish (in German, the chanterelle mushrooms have the nice name ‘Pfifferling’ which refers to the peppery taste). Then we added two cut and fried shallots (about 40g), salt and black pepper. Then we formed burger-sized dumplings from the mash, dipped them into egg, rolled them in breadcrumbs and fried the dumplings in vegetable oil until golden outside and a bit firm inside. We got 12 dumplings from our breadfruit which really surprised us, as the fruit seemed to be really small when we started!

The result was rather tasty and so easy to make. You can add anything to the basic breadfruit-egg-mash. We shall try it again with other ingredients. We are thinking of more chanterelles with smoked ham, cheese, and Thai-style with fish sauce, chili, basil and spring onions … or perhaps a sweet variation with sugar, cinnamon and fruit compote?

Try it out and send us your recipe!

Anja Rohde and Eric Danell

Breadfruit dumplings ready to be fried.

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