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September 16, 2010

September is the rainiest month in Chiang Mai. Although this year’s rainy season started late, we have now received so much rain that Dokmai Garden’s water reservoir is full. This is fortunate, as most Chiang Mai gardeners need to store water to endure the dry season, which normally begins in November and lasts until May. I am also satisfied that the climatologists’ predictions were correct, i.e. last year’s drought was due to the El Niño phenomenon, and this year’s rainy season started late due to an unusually cold winter in the northern hemisphere, delaying the heating of the ocean. Once the monsoon began, we got a lot of rain.

The past drought, the driest in 70 years, should not be considered the dawn of a new trend. 2006 was wet. 2007 was normal. 2008 was wet. 2009 was very dry. 2010 will probably be considered wet, although some months were drier than normal.

For our part of the world, we should not anticipate drought as a result of the global warming, but more rains. If that is good or bad is subjective. It is bad for mango cultivation, but good for banana. Since the growth of the Dokmai Garden plants is very rapid at the moment, we focus on controlling the plants. Too quick growth may even result in broken trees during the coming storms, which is why some pruning could be good to ensure even weight distribution. Also, we need to make sure that the plants near electrical installations which we pruned in April-May, have not reached dangerous heights again. Gliricidia and Cochlospermum grow very quickly.

A gardener who has water, a green garden and quickly growing plants is happy. Today we had 24 °C and a tranquil rain most of the day, which are ideal conditions for working in a monsoon garden. Most welcome to share our joy!

Eric Danell

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