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Afgekia mahidoliae – now in blossom at Dokmai Garden

August 1, 2010

Many devoted European and American gardeners come to us, telling us with sadness that they know virtually all garden plants in their home countries. Therefore they clap their hands of joy when they see something new. Afgekia mahidoliae (previously A. mahidolae) is a climber from western Thailand. It is not well known abroad, and it is absent from most American tropical gardening books. It is related to Wisteria which can not grow here in the Chiang Mai valley. The foliage is slightly silky, and an adorable silvery rim runs around the decorative leaves. It is in blossom now at Dokmai Garden, with purplish and white erect flower clusters. We have another species too, A. sericea, but not yet in blossom.

Eric Danell

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  1. Amita Sonawala permalink
    August 13, 2010 11:59 PM

    beautiful flower and foliage

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