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Lose weight at Dokmai Garden!

July 23, 2010

Updated January 4th, 2013:

Do you suffer from obesity? The way to lose weight is theoretically simple: eat less and exercise more.

In reality, it does not work for many people  since exercise is a pain in the beginning, and it could be terribly boring and non-productive, not suitable for a creative mind. Also, cooking a tasty food without fat is difficult, which is why a slimming program may seem like a tremendous sacrifice in comfort and taste. Therefore you keep postponing your goal to lose weight until you get diabetes or a heart attack. Some people promote surgery, but a cure does not have to be dangerous and costly:

At Dokmai Garden, Chiang Mai (Thailand), we offer a slimming program for any healthy person between 18 and 60 years who wishes to lose weight. You pay 1500 Baht a day including everything (food, drinks, bed and working program/supervision). You sign up/pay per week.

Of course you can do this at home, but for how many years have you tried? This is why it works with us:

1. You leave shopping to somebody else. The supermarket has many traps, buying a chocolate bar or a bag of chips is very easy, especially if you shop when hungry. Here, there are no such temptations.

2. You leave cooking to somebody else. If you cook at home, you often cook your delicious favourite fat dishes, and often more than needed. Then you finish everything because it is so yummy. Here, you get excellent and healthy Thai food, and yes, we do serve chicken and even pork. You only get one serving, an excellent way to slim your body. As a snack we eat fruit. We drink water, and we flavour it with lime or pandanus. You may long for a beer, become grumpy and hungry, but after a few days you will enjoy the naturally flavoured water, and feel proud of losing weight, feeling more motivation, almost euphoria.

3. You make it happen. Once here, you are within the program, which is why your body can not persuade your brain to postpone exercise ¨just another day¨.

4. You will exercise. Yes, gym machines might be fun, but they are unnatural and expensive substitutes for ‘real’ exercise. At Dokmai Garden  you train every part of your body all day long, while creating a beautiful garden. Digging, walking, building, raking, carrying, pruning and trekking to find new plants is hard work, and the result of your hard work can be admired by others for many years.

6. You will not compete with others. You only compete with ‘yourself at day one’. Nobody here needs to know your initial weight. When you check in on day one, you register your weight using our scale, and then you keep a secret log twice a week to monitor your progress. When you check out, we hope you are slimmer than ‘yourself day 1’, your sole competitor. Continue your log after checking out. Thereby you can allow an occasional feast, and afterwards just slim down 1-2 kg, not 20 kg.

7. You will also acquire friendship and knowledge. Instead of a competitive jogging with your more fit neighbour, we collaborate together in creating a beautiful garden. By using our bodies as tools while focusing on solving problems, we lose weight while having fun. By exchanging experience while working we learn about history, language, ecology, agriculture, chemistry and biology.

8. Routine. The best part is that if you stay 3-4 weeks, you will not only lose weight, but you will find the routine  for a healthy lifestyle, which you can maintain when you return home. The longer you sign up with us, the better for you.

9. Within walking distance (2 km) is an Asian Healing Centre if you wish to explore other ways to healing.

10. The best spas in the world are in Thailand. Do you feel worn and torn? Relax at a Chiang Mai spa where many massage programs are offered. By signing up with us you get discounts!

I have successfully transformed both my father and my husband with this technique, and you can read this blog about one of our guest’s impressions!

Most welcome!

Ketsanee Seehamongkol,

Khun Densak (left) is 55 years old and he has never been to the dentist. Yet, his smile is white and he has never lost any teeth. You will meet him at Dokmai Garden and learn his method.

(Photograph from Dokmai Garden by Edward Simmons)

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  1. May 11, 2011 7:36 PM

    Just curious as I am starting the running to generally improve fitness but I’m going on holiday in 3 weeks so was wondering if I would lose any weight by then? I should add I am not doing a crash diet before my holiday, I will be keeping up the running anyway I was just curious if I would have lost much by the time I go away..

    • May 11, 2011 8:20 PM

      Absolutely, Exercise without changing diet will make you lose weight! Do not treat yourself during this period, simply drink plain water and eat normal (one portion only), and you will lose weight! Good luck!


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