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To buy a house or land in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

July 21, 2010

Updated on April 30, 2013:

Although only Thai citizens and companies can own land, foreigners can lease land. Since we have a vast contact net, people ask us to find properties or to sell their properties. It was never our intention to become a real estate business, but since people seem to need us, we are happy to provide advice to buyers and show objects for sale, making some money which we can invest in our garden. We focus on the Hang Dong area, although we have objects as far away as Pattaya. We can also put you into contact with builders, roadmakers, interior designers and architects. As to garden design, Dokmai Garden can do that for you.

Always remember to check the land title deed:

Chanod or Chanote (NorSor 4) is the best, enabling you to do anything with the land. It has land boundary markers. Such a land paper has a Red State Emblem.

NorSor 3 Gor is the second best. The land can be traded, but there are no land markers. An owner should apply for chanote soon. Such a land paper has a green State Emblem.

Nor sor 3 has not yet been measured, which is why the land size is only stated by the owner. A transfer to Nor Sor3 Gor and eventually Chanote is recommended.

Sor Por Kor 4-01 is a deed entitling a needy family to use governmental land. The user can lose the rights to this land at any time.

The Thai area units are confusing, but here is a key:

1 rai=1600 Square meters.

1 rai= 4 ngaang=400 square wa.

We have experience from arranging 30-year land lease contracts!

One hot area is the Namphrae subdistrict in Hang Dong. Chiang Mai city is rapidly growing southwards, which is easily understood if you see the many gated communities under construction along the canal road. We have only a 20 minutes ride to the Airport Plaza, but we still breathe the countryside air, being a neighbour with the national park. A lot of land has already been purchased by Bangkokians as investments, but some land is still owned by farmers who grow fruit trees or teak. Many farang settlers live here too. Click here to view an example of a luxurious villa and tropical garden for sale.

Another hot area is Mae Khanin Tai. This lovely mountain village is situated in a narrow valley near the Opkhan National Park, just 12 km from the Canal Road. The valley is evergreen thanks to a meandering stream. In the surrounding community forest you can still see wild orchids and wild mammals such as civets, wild boar and barking deer. Some people buy land there as an investment, others to build a mountain retreat. A recent sale aims at developing the land into an upscale resort. The price at the time (2010) was 650 000 Baht/rai.

We can offer a prime land, 4.32 rai (6912 square meters or 1.7 acres), within a minute’s walking distance from the charming temple. That land has a chanote, a parking, a pond, huge bamboos, a large and very prolific litchi, pomelo, coconut and betel palms. It is adjacent with a meandering stream and stays evergreen and cool also in the dry season. This is an excellent investment and a perfect place for a retreat.

The land can be bought by a Thai citizen or a company registered in Thailand. A foreigner can lease the land for 30 years or buy shares of Dokmai Garden entitling him access to the land. 5 million Baht.

This is the Mae Khanin Tai temple. Keep walking downhill and you will reach the land.

A third hot area is Doi Saket north of Chiang Mai. We have a nice object, 4 rai, with several buildings, a large pond and fully grown trees. The property can be used as a large home or as a small family resort. 8.95 million Baht

Cheap areas would be the San Patong district and the Mae Wan district. Buying land there is for somebody who wants really low prices, either for cheap living or as a long-term investment.

As the turnover is quick, we propose you visit us or e-mail us about what objects are for sale at the moment (

Ketsanee Seehamongkol

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