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Activity: Butterfly morning on Sunday June 13th.

June 11, 2010

Excursion leader: Eric Danell, who became a member of the entomological society in Sweden in 1978 

When: Sunday, June 13th, at 10.00.

Where: Dokmai Garden.

Cost: 100 Baht, includes entrance to the garden and a guided tour where we catch and identify common butterflies in our garden. 

What to bring: Butterfly net if you have, butterfly book, pencil and notebook.

In case of rain: Phone and ask us about the situation if you hesitate, as a downtown rain may not affect us. 08-13866244.

Driving information:

Registration: kindly send us an e-mail if you intend to come. (

We sell butterfly books, butterfly lists and butterfly plants.

Most welcome!

Ketsanee Seehamongkol 

The common Pierrot Castalius rosimon rosimon (Lycaenidae) likes to visit the Rangoon Creeper, Quisqualis indica. The larva feeds on Ziziphus spp.

P.S. Our sales nursery is packed with new plants:

P.P.S Additional note: today the 12th of June we have a snow storm of Catopsilia pomona butterflies. Ten butterflies per second over a 50 meter stretch. They all fly from north to south.

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