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A generous donation of orchids

May 10, 2010

The days and evenings are hot now. Yesterday at 20.oo we had 35 °C, and in daytime it was 40°C. Such temperatures cause a lot of stress for the plants, why irrigation is important for any introduced plant species. Native lowland jungle plants are used to such temperatures. The gardeners need a siesta for two hours in daytime to be fit for fight. One new member of Dokmai Garden who took a siesta in a hanging flowering pot made by coconut, was the Marbled Cat Snake, Boiga multomaculata. It is a beauty! 

Meeting a snake means good luck, and good news kept pouring in yesterday. Corien and Folbert Bronsema, benefactors of Dokmai Garden, delivered an orchid donation. We have not yet listed all the species they brought, but in an instant our collection was boosted with many interesting specimens, mainly Thai and Southeast Asian orchids. We wish to express our gratitude for such an interesting collection, and visitors are most welcome to admire some of the species already in blossom.

Ketsanee Seehamongkol and Eric Danell

Phalaenopsis gibbosa is only 1 cm broad, but you will fall in love with her at a first glance. The tips of the petals are almost like Swarowski crystals. She was recently rediscovered in Thailand after 100 years of absence, and is still found also in Vietnam. This orchid is a part of the Corien and Folbert Bronsema donation.

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