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Small frogs in your monsoon garden

May 8, 2010

Sometimes it is good to take pictures for a proper identification. A few days ago I saw a group of tiny Xenophrys parva frogs croaking by a pathetic puddle of water. The puddle was the result of water that had leaked from our compost. This species likes to sit among Dipterocarpus leaf litter. Unfortunately I did not have a camera, so when I saw another small frog outside the bathroom at Dokmai Garden, I took for granted I got the same species. However, tonight when I checked the pictures, I realised it was another species: Microhyla fissipes. It is not longer than 3 cm, with red tubercles on the back. It seems to prefer grassy areas, and since we have an outdoor shower for overheated visitors, irrigation and several pots with water, we have many species of frogs. Although we have not had any serious rains yet, the frogs know this is the beginning of the rainy mating season, so they are vocal and active.

Eric Danell

Microhyla fissipes, a tiny frog in your garden.

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